Photo of an unidentified flying object in 1878.


An artists impression of a UFO sighting

UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects are mysterious flying objects in the sky. Some (most) people think that they're driven by Aliens. They've started appearing in the year 1878. UFO'S are actually qualified as anything unidentifiable that is flying. UFO'S are not just flying saucers. They can sometimes be a plane, balloon, etc. Since its introduction the term has become heavily associated with flying saucers and alien spacecraft, though an object may be classified as a UFO independently of opinion as to its origins. Most military and civilian UFO investigations concluded that the majority of objects can be identified either directly, or by applying Occam's Razor.

Trivia Edit

  • During World War II, when planes flew in Alaska, the name for UFO'S were FOO , or Flying Object, Other. The planes that chased these FOO's were called FOO Fighters. This is where the fairly famous band gets it name.
  • UFOs can be seen as bright lights in the night time sky or saucers or rotating pyramids, or even triangles in the sky.